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Universidad de Ingeniería & Tecnología (UTEC) is a private university located in Lima, Peru. UTEC boosts education, innovation, research and development of the economy, based on the design of an educational model that is aimed at the needs of the labor market and addresses the various problems of the XXI century. 

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The formative proposal of the University of Engineering & Technology (UTEC) integrates the specialized knowledge in engineering with the competences of management and innovation. The curricular plan considers, in addition to the subjects of the scientifical and technological area, Humanities, management and innovation courses, which result in an holistic training that further improves the professional value of our graduates. Innovation is encouraged through events and presentations at UTEC Ventures, the business accelerator of UTEC,  and competitions such as Disrupton (a Hackaton focused on solving a problem within the region).

UTEC Ventures holds events in order to promote I&E, like Global Startup Labs, GIST Startup Bootcamp, Peru Design Week, and the 1776 Challenge Cup. As well, UTEC has design courses, like Innovation International Program and Innovation Through Design, which are focused in professional specialization. Students use spaces like Fablab, UTEC garage or the Product Design Laboratory to develop their projects. Some of them have developed collaborative projects with MIT, Harvard and Colorado School of Mines. On the other hand, something was born in 2016: Comunidad I&E UTEC, whose main mission is to improve the I&E ecosystem in the region, starting with UTEC students. This idea was born from the initiative of the first 4 peruvian University Innovation Fellows.



UTEC encourages investigation and innovation among its teachers and students. Among the most valuable things you can find at UTEC is to meet professors who, in addition to sharing  knowledge, are a source of inspiration that encourages innovation, entrepreneurship and high-impact research. Some of the many profesors that we could mention are Katia Canepa, professor of computer science in 2017, creator of the Beauthy Technology concept that combines beauty products with electronics to, in addition to improving aesthetics, acquire a "super-power" through technology. And Julio Valdivia, current director of Bioengineering, a Peruvian scientist affiliated with NASA, who leads the project "Potates on Mars", with the finality of eradicating famine and in the future, feeding the colonies of humans on Mars. Both professors organized the "Disrupton" 2017 at UTEC, with the theme "Wearables in Space".

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At UTEC, the Legal Division Advice is always looking for the security of the student’s or faculty member’s ideas. In addition, UTEC Ventures provides consulting in how to make an idea profitable. Founded in 2014, the accelerator offers investment and mentoring to startups. UV follows the pillar of entrepreneurship raised by the university. The University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) is developing the engineering of companies of the future. An engineering that goes hand to hand with research and the creation of technological solutions, committed to social needs and sustainability. Also UV is part of GAN (Global Acelerator Network), which is the biggest business accelerator network in the world.



About university-industry collaboration, UTEC has partnerships with several companies, in order to prepare its students for the industry work through the development of projects which will be useful for these same companies. There are also some industry programs for internships during summer.

UTEC Career Services is responsible for connecting students with other companies, as part of this mission, they created “UTEC Networking”, which is a space for the exchange of knowledge between companies and students in order to bridge the gap between college and workplace. This event is conformed by career presentations, company presentations, business talks, project talks, elevator pitches, company stands, an online employment fair and the opportunity to meet and match people for any personal professional purpose as getting a job, an internship or some kind of network to develop projects.

As well, UTEC has implemented projects with companies (known as  "VLI con empresas"), this program involves both UTEC professors and students, and representatives of the companies to implement different projects that are developed during the semester.



The Ministry of Production (known as Produce) is the most important public entity in promoting innovation in our country. One of their initiatives is StartUp Perú, which aims to promote the emergence and consolidation of new Peruvian companies that offer innovative products and services with high technological content. It consists of a set of contests and ways of financing for entrepreneurs, companies at an early age, and incubators. StartUp Perú also provides a platform for meetings and collaboration with people in the startup community in the country.

The Ministry, through the National Innovation Program for Competitiveness and Productivity (Innóvate Perú), seeks to increase business productivity by strengthening the actors' ecosystem of innovation (companies, entrepreneurs and supporting organizations) and to facilitate the interaction between them. It is also part of the National Productive Diversification Plan. As an university that looks to improve its I&E environment, we need to stay in touch with the government. Staying connected to the social reality and requirements of our country may be ensured by attending the big plans of it.

Another popular entity promoting innovation is Hackspace: a physical place where people with interests in science, new technologies, and digital or electronic art can meet, socialize and collaborate. It can be seen as a laboratory open to community where people from different backgrounds can join. The purpose of a hackspace is to concentrate resources and expertise to promote research and development.



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