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Universidad de Ingenieria Student Priorities

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UTEC is a private university founded in 2011. One of its main goals is to differentiate from others engineering universities in the country. Every year there is more excitement and interest for I&E. However, it is not even close to what we consider necessary. The heart of innovation in UTEC is the accelerator helping startups finance their ideas. We need this body to interact, teach and even be used by students to start their own. To encourage this we must develop student’s interest in I&E and build creative confidence. 


Strategy #1: Introducing innovation and entrepreneurship to freshman

Bienvenida de Cachimbos (Freshmen welcome activity)

  • Introduction to UTEC Ventures (Startup Accelerator in UTEC)
  • Introduction to the Real Life Experience program.
  • Increase awareness of the tools available in UTEC for students to insert themselves in the innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Tell the freshman to not be afraid of trying new things, because nothing is bigger than themselves.

Introducción a Innovación (Introduction to Innovation)

  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Inviting peruvian entrepreneurs to talk about their lives.
  • Introduction to I&E.
  • Go to the field to identify problems and apply the knowledge to find an innovative solution for them.
  • Making them realize that anyone can innovate.

Strategy #2: Training and Development -


  • A marathon of hacks for developing a solution for a key problem.
  • The problem will be part of a private institution (company/industry) or government.
  • The students can develop solutions for issues like: Global Warming, Poverty, Insecurity.

UTEC Talks

  • An hour per month for peruvian entrepreneurs telling their stories of success (or fail).
  • Inviting popular peruvian startups.
  • Constant improvement of the events: from less popular to more popular.
  • People with experience in development of business.

Improve the diffusion of activities within the university

  • Make live surveys to watch the success of an event, and have an option to (immediately) invite your friends to the next activity.
  • Better communication: Use key points of the campus to promote this events, and available tools like TVs.

Website entrepreneur time

  • This website will open the doors of UTEC Ventures to the students.
  • The experience with other people involved in I&E could inspire the students.
  • Website in which people working with UTEC Ventures can create a profile and publish two hours per month in which they are available for talking to students.
  • The students will have full access to the information in the website and could schedule an appointment in the hours destinate by the people in UTEC Ventures.
  • There could be maximum four people per group.

Strategy #3: Real Life Experience

Formation in prototyping and innovation

  • Practical vision of the course
  • Developing of projects for reinforcement of what was learned by students.
  • Specific cases to analyze with the terms exposed in class.
  • Constantly presentations about projects and cases.
  • Association with FABLAB UTEC.

Extreme Design

  • Groups will identify a problem or opportunity and develop a solution or leverage.
  • Develop the idea and prototype it.
  • Periodic presentation in order to present the advances on the project.
  • Presentations to different alumni, teachers and special guests.
  • Constantly advice of other ventures, teachers and psychologist.

Strategy #4: Work Insertion

Networking Event

  • Space in UTEC in which different companies and people willing to sponsor startups can come to meet students and their projects.
  • Opportunity for students to seek labour offerts.
  • Opportunity for students to present projects to different companies in order to sell them.
  • Opportunity for students to present their startups to people who can sponsored them.

Strategy #5: Providing workshops or activities to reduce stress in students

Mindfulness workshops

  • Safe space in UTEC for meditation and mindfulness practice
  • It has been scientifically proven that meditation helps decrease anxiety and stress
  • It is important that students feel at ease for them to give themselves the time to start working on their own projects, thus giving the chance for innovation to take place
  • Groups would gather once a week for 45 minutes
  • Given the fact that there is no budget destined to this activity, alumni would take charge of leading the workshop


  • Sport activities would help take students minds off academic endevour
  • Would promote the interaction between students since some of them would start training together
  • Coordination with the municipality would be needed
  • Everyone has access to it

Strategy #6: Reduce stress and improve transition to university life for freshmen

Improve the Peer Mentorship Program

  • Make the program more student-centred, through the use of intensive surveying.
  • Have mentors introduce themselves publicly, then mentees choose them according to their preference.
  • Keep promoting the program to improve attendance.

Strategy #7: Student driven VLI program

  • Students should present their idea/research topic in the working groups before being allowed to start the project and receive acceptance from the head teachers of the program.
  • Teachers can choose from these presentations what group they follow, but ideas should be solely formed by students initially, they can pivot after with the help of their mentors, who follows closely a group. If more than one teacher applies to a project, studnets get to choose what teacher they work with.
  • Get rid of the parts that students stress out with, mostly the way to hand assignments, those who track the grades of the course
  • Make them free courses on the curriculum to make students take it when a good idea comes up and they feel ready to launch the project. They are still requirements to graduate.
  • Transition from a completed project to launching the idea/research topic into the real world. Links with startup accelerators and investors.


  • Giving a purpose and the opportunity to generate a great impact could be very powerful in the development of engineering projects. We want to focus a group of projects on inclusive development and innovation (reduce poverty).
  • We want to focus a group of projects on inclusive development and innovation (reduce poverty).
  • We could learn that there is a great need to focus efforts when developing projects, many of the projects only meet an academic objective and then everything invested (effort and money) does not generate an impact.
  • We believe that engineering should solve real problems and focus projects on development and inclusive innovation could contribute to improving Peru and many developing countries.