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Thalía Marycielo Leyton Reto
School (Cohort)
Universidad de Ingenieria & Tecnologia (2020 cohort)
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Thalía, a Bioengineering Junior at UTEC, was born and raised in a town in Piura, Peru. At the age of 13, she was selected as one of the top students in her region to study 3 years at COAR Piura, a highly selective boarding school in her country. During her last year at school, she was awarded a scholarship to study at UTEC, in Lima. All the opportunities she was granted so far have led her to share her knowledge with those less fortunate. For that reason, she works to empower women and girls from her birthplace, democratize life sciences, and improve education in her country.

Moreover, she is a volunteer for social programs that follow the same objective as her, and recently she has founded Colaneñas.On the other hand, she was the vicepresident of BioUTEC, a biohacker space whose purpose is to democratize biotechnology inside and outside UTEC.

Thalía considers herself as a caring, creative, and responsible person. Besides engineering, she enjoys painting with watercolors, riding her bike, and eating soups. Likewise, she has an immense passion for promoting bioeconomy as a development model in her country and Latin America, as well as creating new strategies to reach more people interested in Biotechnology through BioUTEC. These are some of the reasons why she has been recently chosen as one of the 100 most outstanding young leaders in Biotechnology in Latin America to attend the Allbiotech 2021 summit in Argentina.

In the long term, she would like to improve her Yoga skills to manage her stress during difficult times like the ones we are currently experiencing.


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