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Thalía Marycielo Leyton Reto
School (Cohort)
Universidad de Ingenieria & Tecnologia (2020 cohort)
Graduated from
Perú, but currently living in France


Thalía, a Bioengineering Graduate from UTEC (2023), is currently pursuing her MSc studies in Biomedical Engineering at L'École Polytechnique in France. During the last four years, she has used biologically-inspired engineering to create synthetic organ models across Peru, France, and Canada.

All the opportunities she was granted so far to become an engineer working and studying in prestigious institutions have led her to share her knowledge to shape the career of future female scientists. For that reason, she works to empower women and girls from her birthplace, democratize life sciences, and contribute to biomedical research in her country.

Moreover, she has been a volunteer for social programs that follow the same objective as her and runs her own non-profit organization. Thalía considers herself a caring, creative, and responsible person. Besides engineering, she enjoys painting with watercolors, sleeping, and eating soups. She also loves doing yoga and knitting!


  • First-person in her family to graduate from a university (2023).
  • First-person in her family to study/work abroad (2022-present).
  • Recovery of her sense of taste and olfaction after COVID (2022).

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