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Francisco Matteo Mejía Antezano

University: Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC). Lima, Perú

UIF since: Fall 2018

What he does now: He works as CTO at CreaCode, a startup that gives coding classes in Perú

What that means: He is in charge of maintaining and improving their tech projects (e-commerce, LMS, and more), as well as supervising the use of different services to guarantee the quality of online classes.

Contact him about: Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, building your own startup, incubation/acceleration programs, the startup ecosystem in Latin America, raising awareness of I&E in students, soccer, Perú, and much more.

Email: francisco.mejia@utec.edu.pe

Phone: +51 986 552 073

Francisco is currently pursuing a Computer Science degree at UTEC in Lima, Perú. Being a fourth year student in CS, Francisco is profficient in programming, specifically in web development and data structures.

As an UTEC student, Francisco is part of SpinOut, an I&E student organization founded by UTEC's first UIF cohort, where he serves as a tech mentor for the different projects that are organized every year. As part of this position he also helps UTEC's accelerator, UTEC Ventures, in having more impact on UTEC's students through different events to promote entrepreneurship.

Outside of UTEC, Francisco is the CTO of CreaCode, an edtech startup that gives coding classes to kids and teens, offering paid workshops that help fund their voluntary branch, aimed at young girls of low income areas. Francisco job is to develop and maintain the different web projects that they have, and also ensure the quality of the current online classes, which were implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a University Innovation Fellow, most of Francisco's contribution to his local ecosystem comes through his participation in SpinOut UTEC and their relationship with UTEC Ventures. This allows him to collaborate with other universities and local startups to incentivize students to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

In his spare time, Francisco loves playing soccer (he was part of his secondary school's soccer team). He also likes playing videogames and is always improving his skills developing them.



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