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Camila Maura is a peruvian college student born in 1999. She studies in UTEC and wants to change the way the education system works, for it to be updated and for it to meet today's expectations. She is majoring in computer science, but she is also deeply interested neuroscience, cognitive science and psychology. On the other hand, she also loves to play sports: from competitive tennis, to track and field and now she is training to be a marathon runner, considering this sort of activities as important contributions in her formation.

She has worked as teacher assistant for computer science classes at her university and as a programming teacher of young kids for Creacode, an startup that aims to teach young kids the basis of programming and computational thinking. She loves to teach because she wants to help the world become a place in which learning is beautiful and optional, not mandatory and standardized.

She believes in equality, initiative and love towards a goal; that people makes changes, and that balance is key for innovation to take place.

Email: camila.maura@utec.edu.pe

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