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Sebastián is an engineering student at Utec. He is a freshman, studying Industrial Engineering, which focuses on management, logistics, product design, project development, etc. Inside the campus, he is also in charge of Tendiendo Puentes, a new ONG that takes every Christmas gifts from our city (Lima) to Bagua, in Amazonas, a zone with serious social conflicts back in 2009. He enjoys helping families in Amazonas to have a better Christmas, as well as developing his skills of team work, management, logistics, and also taking cool photos for his facebook profile. He likes to learn about the social issues of his country, and to find ways to solve those problems. A few of many are the gap between industry and higher education and the lack of innovation in campus. He saw University Innovation Fellows like an opportunity to start a real change in a very favorable landscape like Utec, which is a small but courageous institution, always supporting the engineering for good concept. Sebastián is getting involved in all kind of activities, inside and outside campus, and meeting a lot of new people, always excited about the next problem he can help solving.



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