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Gvidau.jpgGonzalo Vidaurrazaga was born in 1997 in Lima, Perú. He studies Industrial Engineering at UTEC and firmly believes that improving the entrepreneurship environment in Perú can release the covered potential the country has. Gonzalo defines himslef as an active studeny who is constantly focusing on generating positives changes in his surroundings; every action can change the day for another person and leaves an example behind for others. Above all, trying to make others happier.

He has also worked in helping in founding of Creacode , a startup that teaches programming to kids, and later on being one of the teachers in the camps. Gonzalo loves playing sports, travelling and spending time with family and friends. As an amateur soccer player, he has developed a more comprehensive view on how good teams work, due to the rigourous challenge that implies having a great relationship with all the teammates and how much it reflects on the team performance,

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