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UTEC Student Priorities

UTEC Student Priorities Videos

Cohort 2020

Cohort 2018

Strategy #1: Making mobile, inspiring and comfortable spaces to innovate

Project Name: Design Lab: Mobile and Physical

Design Lab physical space

Project Leaders: Marcela Yeckle and Valeria Aguayo

Key Tactics

  • Create a 3D Desing where people can see in a better way the dimensions and the objects in the room.
  • Map the number of students that would be interested in entering the room.
  • Considering this room as a place to booked in UTEC webiste.
  • Make a DesignLab Mobile version, to make every space a place to ideate ideas.

Design of the physical space: Video

Strategy #2: Give students the key tools to learn how to make an entrepreneurship from scratch by learning

Project Name: Saphi (this mean "Origin" or "Root" in Quechua)

Saphi's website, our third prototype

Project Leader: Mirella Rivas

Key Tactics

  • Contact well known innovation teachers, UV mentors as well as past Fellows to volunteer and help guide the program.
  • Design the criteria to select candidates and amount of candidates for the first program.
  • Create the syllabus of what will be taught in the sessions.
  • Map students who would like to learn by making media campaign to motivate students to try.
  • Book a classroom in summer break for the program to be held for 7 weeks.

Prototype Website Application Portal: Website

June 2021 Update: Our first workshop was on March 27th, and it was aimed to teach fellow students to identify real needs within the COVID pandemic, understanding users and learning to hear them, so that later on they could propose solutions. The complete program will be launched in August 2021.

First Workshop: Flyer

Strategy #3:Teach students how to transform their laboratory inventions into successful innovations available in the market.

Project Name: Technology transfer and commercialization (Elective course)

Tech transfer pilot program cover.

Project Leader: Thalía Leyton

Key Tactics

  • Prepare the course program
  • Train potential UTEC professors or hire a new professor.
  • Present the course to SUNEDU (National Superintendency of Higher University Education in Peru).
  • Determine course capacity based on pre-enrollment and available resources.
  • Launch the course for students to enroll.

June 2021 Update: During 2021 we have collaborated with the Academic Projects area and we are about to start an intensive one-month workshop that will serve as our pilot program. This workshop will be given in June to UTEC students qualified to take their "Real Life Experience" (RLE) course. We hope that with this workshop, they can take better advantage of the projects they do during their RLE.

Strategy #4: Opportunities for developing startups (tech transfer)  

Project Name: D. Ventures

Project Leader: Luana Andrade

  • Enhancing students to be aware of entrepreneurship and innovation (I&E).
  • Look for motivated students focused on developing new products or startups.
  • Teaching design methodologies in other courses .
  • UTEC Ventures or FABLAB UTEC as  innovation spaces for students .

Strategy #5: Giving students a prototyping space

Project Name: UTEC Lean Lab

Project Leader: Elmer Escandón

  • Provide challenges to students in order to use the area .
  • Restrict the use only for innovation purposes .
  • Free area for students and professors.
  • Foster students’ abilities to design solutions and creative confidence by providing mentors only for this area.

Strategy #6: Facilitating project groups

Project Name: UTEC Mix n’ Match

Project Leader: Francisco Mejía

  • Online platform inside the UTEC intranet that generates interest groups based on students’ academic preferences.
  • Groups generated by this platform should be capable of presenting their own projects.
  • Interests used by this platform are not strictly academic, the requisite is that an interest must be project-worthy.

Strategy #7: Entrepreneurship consulting

Project Name: Innovation Consulting

Project Leaders:  Kiko Mayorga and Joana Munarriz

  • Map the outstanding students in the research field (Ricardo Gonzáles, Danae Chipoco) and innovation methodologies (Diego Muñoz, Hans Figueroa, Sandra Abad).
  • Volunteer alumni and senior professors able to mentor and advise students in their projects
  • Register projects from innovation courses, I&E groups, VLI (Interdisciplinary Projects) and research laboratories in UTEC.


Universidad de Ingeniería & Tecnología (UTEC)

UTEC Students Priorities

Change Story Video:

University Innovation Fellows

Spring 2016:

Danae Chipoco Haro

Hans Figueroa Guaylupo

Alvaro Ludowieg Rios

Sebastián Hurtado Hidalgo

Fall 2017:

Camila Maura

Ariane Ernandorena

Gonzalo Vidaurrrazaga

Diego Muñoz

Fall 2018:

Raúl Escandón

Luana Andrade

Francisco Mejía

Fall 2020:

Marcela Yeckle

Mirella Rivas

Thalía Leyton

Valeria Aguayo

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