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Sai Kiran.JPGSai Kiran is a University Innovation Fellow and currently pursuing his Master's degree in the field of Optoelectronics and Communications at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam, INDIA. He has a bachelor degree in the field of Electronics & Communication from Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science, INDIA. He is good at communicating with others. He is one of the initiators of few clubs in the college. He actively takes part in various college activities at MITS. He is passionate about solving real-life problems. He is very much interested to solve the problems of the students in the college and in fact, this is one of the reasons that he joined in the UIF program. He believes that students learn things only by sharing their knowledge. He is one of the organizers of various activities in the college. He finds happiness in the smiles of others. And this quality of Sai Kiran inspires and encourages him to try to explain things to others. He is a good orator too. He is more interested in the application of classroom knowledge to real life. Kiran is passionate about bringing out the hidden talents of the students in the college. He believes that the UIF program helps him to achieve this. He believes that seeing through the eyes of others helps us understand others’ problems more clearly. He has a great deal of interest to improve innovation and entrepreneurship qualities among all the students in the students.

Written by: Sai Kiran

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Team Members:-

Sameer Ahmed, Charan Sai Pala, Anitha Narnavaram, Sindhu BhonsleyPriyanka Bonthala






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