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I&E cell enhances the creative thinking abilities of a student. It aims at bringing out the entrepreneurial skills of a student. In order to make I&E more effective, introduction of a course that focuses on innovation, is essential.


  • First, care should be taken in framing the course and syllabus. It should be a interactive course without putting more burden on the students.
  • Next challenge is to introduce this course to the students of all the disciplines. Preferably in the second year itself, this course should be made as a part of the curriculum. Mr.Jagadeesh Babu, coordinator of  I&E cell  shall teach the course. It would be apt to name the course as 'Basics of Innovation & Entrepreneurship'
  • Every semester this course shall be offered and the maximum of  200 students shall be taken in for the course.
  • Since there are students from different branches, we planned to have the classes during 3 -4 , where at least students from few branches have a free period. It shall be a 30 hour course.
  • A minimum of 60% of marks are required to complete the course successfully.  Students who have successfully attended the course shall be provided 3 credits.
  • Faculty coordinator of  ED cell MR.Vara Prasad and the Department Of Management Studies shall also be involved in teaching the course.
  • In order to help students to think innovatively , various activities related to innovation, few workshops and project expo's need to be implemented .
  • Collaborative learning should be developed among students to make learning more interesting, students should be given more opportunities to share their ideas and knowledge.
  • At the end of the course, students must be asked to identify a problem within their class and come up with the possible solutions and select the best one. This can be done by interaction with fellow students. Students can take help from the club coordinators regarding this aspect.
  • Instead of having a normal evaluation process that generally involves written tests, students can be assessed based on their performance regarding solving the problem that they have identified.



We do not have this project park where the  innovative projects are exhibited and now we are deriving a strategy for this problem as mentioned below.


Project Park:

  • We are in the process of implementing this in our college .
  • Students who have ideas to make projects will be involving several stages where the ideas are collected and they are developed under mentorship of faculty and these  developed projects are exhibited in the 3-5 day park in our campus.
  • It means that all the projects related to all streams can exhibit them in the park .Through this they can come up with their ideas i.e. their projects.Invitation will be sent to other colleges and also to the famous funding agencies so that the best  projects will be funded.
  • From this, student can get encouragement and this leads them towards entrepreneurship.

Resources provided by I&E:

In the process of completing the projects successfully students need the resources, money, guidance from I&E. So, I&E is planning to have the following resources

  • It takes almost 3 to 4 months to complete the projects.
  • Students must form into group of 4(maximum of 2 from each department) and select a mentor of their choice from each department. This makes the project inter-disciplinary.
  • In a week’s time, students start working out on their projects.
  • In order to make sure their projects are going on as per schedule, they have to send their progress monthly to faculty whom they opted as their mentor
  • If anyone wants to add extensions to their project and need financial support, they get ‘seed money’ of about $1600
  • They have to wait for one month to get the requested seed money K. Chokkanathan, I&E cell coordinator takes care of these. This request process is done in the month of March.


                                    Every year we are planning to exhibit it in the months’ of December and March. We are going to present all the projects which are better and useful to the society. So after presenting these projects park all the industries and companies who have visited the park can have a chance to buy those projects and ultimately leads students towards entrepreneurship.



  • At present, students are allowed to sit in a particular classroom that too in their respective departments. But, in order to make the students more collaborative we make  I & E as interdisciplinary which helps the students from one branch to share their views with the students of other departments.
  • In this course teams are divided irrespective of their departments and we ensure that each team consists of students from all the departments
  • This can also be applied for student and faculty. Through this different departments students can get connected with different faculty irrespective of their stream and they might also work on different projects.
  • From this process, the students will also start learning how to adapt to different situations and how to manage the people from different cultures. This really helps them when they enter into the real corporate world.                                                        
  • Each class comprises of 72 students out of them, 12 students can be from the same department (total 6 departments are there). Taking the help from Mrs.Pratibha madam, Administration Officer and Mrs.Athar Sameena Khan madam, Student Welfare Officer, we finalize the division process. This shall be implemented for the next academic year (2018-19).



We have various clubs in our college which were established in 2015 like English Language Club, Arts Club, Yoga Club, Event Management Club. In Spite of having these many clubs we don’t have specific room for organizing club activities. So ,we are planning to have a special room for this purpose in order to solve the problems of students regarding clubs and all the other  issues faced by the students


1. We planned to have club coordinator meeting from all clubs on November 2017.

2. After discussing from them we request for space in our college.

3. Finally we will acquire the space/room by the end of the November

4. And also we are planning to conduct one special activity from every club.

After the room(s) gets allocated, we will conduct all the club activities in the respective rooms. All these activities will be conducted on every week saturday so that the students get particular day to participate in the activities without any disturbance with their daily schedule.



  • In the clubs we are planning  to implement Idea generation week  every month,where we take the feedback after every activity session,and we also see if there are any ideas that are useful in making  the projects we will be collecting them and they  will be guided by the faculty of Innovation Cell.
  • If an idea related to Arts background, we advise the student to consult the Arts club coordinator similarly all clubs. So we generally guide the students to respective clubs depending on the ideas.
  • The sessions of Idea Generation  week lasts for an hour.Students of all  the departments are invited to take part in it. We are planning to start this in January 2018.

How do we implement?

  1. We  shall have a coordinator from third year.
  2. We shall organize meeting every weekends.
  3. We are planning to start this process by December 2017 (taking into considerations the semester exams ahead)
  4. In these sessions students can come up with different ideas irrespective of background.
  5. We are planning to involve Fun sessions which helps in attracting more number of students.  



In this activity day we are planning different activities regarding I&E,these are conducted by a team of coordinators, students who excel in these activities will be rewarded. All students irrespective of departments can participate in it.


  • Every week one day is allotted for this and teams are shuffled every week,
  • Here the students will register to the activity that they are going to perform that specific week
  • After registering, the students will get a chance to select 3-4 another teammates from different departments making it as an interdisciplinary team
  • On that particular day, the coordinators team will plan different activities including puzzles, games etc. and conduct them.
  • Once student is participated he/she will not be given second chance until every student from the respective department has completedand every student of the college should  act as a team member.
  • Even we can encourage the faculty also to join the team, if they are interested, so that Faculty - student interaction gets strengthened.

We are planning to implement this activity day throughout the semester.


This activity day is conducted in order to improve bonding between students of various departments and thereby improving their innovative thinking.



  • Give back cell is planned to help many students financially.
  • Initially, the cell is formed in which, the college puts some seed amount.
  • In case of any student is in shortage of money and is in need of any financial support for his further studies or job or for any other purposes.
  • Once the students settles in life, then he/she should return the amount given by the college along with interest
  • . Again this repeats and the amount will be used for some other students.

This “GIVE BACK CELL” will be implemented during the next academic year.



This is a platform where students can exhibit their hidden talents. Each and every student has some hidden talent in him/her. Either it may be inherited or learnt.


  • In Talent expo students are given chance to exhibit their hidden talents which motivates the students by encouraging them to participate in this EXPO.
  • A register book is maintained in which each and every student has to enroll themselves and their talents that they wish to exhibit.
  • These talents can be anything like Dance, music, photography, Martial arts and so on.After enrolling themselves,

Once in every 6 months this day is conducted where students can perform their talents.


Here talents can be encouraged. If a student who is  good at dance can exhibit and on the other hand if a student is good at music can perform, this is the best platform to learn both music and dance. Moreover, it is fun too.



  • Every department in the college have a technical club in which technical events can be conducted.

  • The club will be run by students of the department called club coordinators, in which each
  • Every student can get a chance of participating in the events and can win exciting prizes.This can be implemented in 2-4 months.


Technical knowledge of the students is improved by activity based learning.

 Strategy 10:

MITSians - Voice

MITSians - Voice is a social website that will be designed by and for the students to promote the interaction among students from departments.


  • our present generation, are techno savvy and more on the social networking sites like Facebook Twitter, whatsapp, instagram, snapchat, etc.
  • Most of us love to spend our time in social media, so creating a social website is a good idea.
  • So we will use the same technique.
  • This website will have a login for each student who joins the college with their registered numbers.
  • Once the students login in to this site, all the detailed information of  Past, present and future activities will be displayed in the form of Facebook posts.
  • The information dump of each cell will be in a page.
  • We will also add Like, comment and share options so that interested events’ information  will be available with the related updates .
  • A featured page is idea-Share, which  encourages students to post the innovative, novel ideas.
  • If any of the student likes an idea posted by the other student, then they can form into a team and can collaborate to transform the idea to do a mini-project.
  • Campus Webmaster will have all the editable rights.


Students and faculty from various departments will be in touch with each other, sharing their views, ideas and collaborating with each other which in turn leads to solving the major problems in our campus: Peer to Peer Learning & Faculty - Student Interaction will enhance student progression and a healthy conducive learning environment will be evolved in MITS Ecosystem

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