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Sindhu Bhonsley

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Sindhu Bhonsley is a University Innovation Fellow currently pursuing her education as an undergraduate student in the department of Computer Science & Engineering in Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science. She is a passionate speaker, self-possessed and she always supports and encourages her peers to explore their talent. She always motivates her juniors to develop entrepreneurial skills. She is a coordinator of student clubs and also
SQAC(Student Quality Assurance Cell).She helps to communicate problems and feedback between higher authorities and students in her college. She always looks forward to organize various different and thought provoking events, activities. She is also working on IoT projects like Smarter Health Care System. She thinks creatively to revolutionize her campus and surroundings. She is a staunch believer of the principle “Start should be made somewhere at some time” and would like to be that trailblazer. She always has a desire to improve herself  and her fellows in all aspects to exhibit and explore their talent.

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Sai Kiran, Sameer Ahmed, Charan Sai Pala, Anitha Narnavaram, Priyanka Bonthala