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Priyanka Bonthala

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Priyanka Bonthala is a University Innovation Fellow and pursuing Computer Science Engineering  in Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science. She is working on a project for regulating traffic for emergency vehicles in metropolitan cities for KPIT Solutions. She is determined to her work and always shows interest in doing innovative things and likes to create awareness among people about the things she learned. Priyanka B is a coordinator of English Language Club in her college. She actively participates in all cultural events mostly in the part of anchoring and
organizing. She is a positive thinker and constantly encourages as well as helps, suggests people with her ideas for their problems.She will not depend on others and tries to do work by her own but always shows that she have ease in her for solving others as well as her problems. She is adaptable to any kind of environment as she grown up in different places from childhood. She also likes to serve people.Through this UIF program she tries to make a small difference in the lives of students at MITS and make them beneficial with her thoughts.

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Sindhu Bhonsley,Charan Sai Pala, Anitha Narnavaram, Sai Kiran, Sameer Ahmed