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Serving as UIF since Spring 2017
School: Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science

What She Does Now: Working as a Software Engineer, an active UIFellow&UI Guide

Contact Her About: Student clubs, changes achieved by her and the UITeam in their college, Design Thinking experiences, Innovation and creativity, how to apply design thinking to get success in projects or business, creative problem solving

Email: nishkalachowdary@gmail.com

 'KOLLU NISHKALA is Software Engineer at "GGK Technologies”;

She Completed her Graduation in  'Electronics and Communication Engineering. Nishkala grew up in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh state in 'INDIA' with a strong love for exploring. She is a passionate speaker, self-possessed and she always supports and encourages her peers to explore their talent. She promoted so many clubs in her college and also a coordinator of the art and cultural club. She is an active member of student clubs and also SQAC (Student Quality Assurance Cell) She is a public speaker and she is ever cheerful and is known for her creative ways of solving a problem and looking a problem at entirely different perspective. She helps to communicate problems and feedback between higher authorities and students in her college. Nishkala is passionate about bringing out the hidden talents of the students in the college. She strongly believes that the UIF program helps her to achieve this. She always has a great deal of interest to improve herself and her fellows in all aspects to exhibit and explore their talent. She is more practical in her life and always tries to make things possible in a practical way. She always believes that students can change the world. She is a positive thinker and constantly encourages as well as helps, suggests people with her ideas for their problems. She will not depend on others and tries to do work on her own. She has a strong desire to make all the girls study and make them stand on their own feet.

 She is worked on a project “automatic gas regulator " which is very much useful to the people. She is also very good at extra circular activities.

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