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Cameron Robinson is a University Innovation Fellow and current undergraduate student studying Engineering at James Madison University (JMU). He has minors is Mathematics and General business, as well as a concentration in pre-law. Cameron was born in Ashburn, Virginia in 1995, where his family currently resides. Because of his tinkering nature, Cameron decided Engineering in a project-based environment would be the most suitable approach to higher education. Through the relationships created at the collegiate level, Cameron was exposed and became intrigued by the University Innovation Fellows program and future possibilities.

Cameron also has an innate goal of assisting others. Through his work with Alpha Phi Omega, a nationally-recognized co-ed service fraternity, he chairs the weekly Salvation Army project for potential and current members to attend. He also has been involved with the Madison Engineering Leadership Program, where he has spent two years mentoring first-year students with a partner to help adjustment into college. Working with the Engineering Ambassador program, Cameron has provided presentations to prospective high-school students as well as interactive activities for younger students with interest in Engineering. Through all of these orgnizations, he has developed further interest in pursuing a career in which he can enable others in the future.

From early on, Cameron was involved in theatre. He was heavily passionate for music as well as acting, leading an improvisational troupe for two years in high school. Using these skills within an Engineering context, Cameron aims to change the conversation away from Mathematics and Science orientations toward creativity and problem solving within a community.


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