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Project Name: The Rough Guide to Undergraduate Transdisciplinary Learning

Project by Faculty Innovation Fellows Candidate Seán Ronan McCarthy

Why is this project important to you, your department, & your Fellows?

Transdisciplinary practice is one of the most valued interdisciplinary methodologies but it is difficult to sustainably create in siloed university campuses. This project seeks to explore best practices that can be adapted to a variety of third level institutions worldwide to create impactful transdisciplinary cultures.


Modeled after a travel guide book, the Rough Guide to Transdisciplinarity is a book-length project that models transdisciplinary practice from a variety of pedagogical, administratative, and project-focused perspectives. The multimedia book will include case studies, interviews, theoretical essays, lesson plans, and other kinds of recipes and itineraries that can be remixed and adapted across a variety of institutional landscapes.

Stakeholders served

  1. University administrators
  2. University Faculty
  3. For-profit, government, and non-profit partners who wish to partner with universities to do design and innovation work

Key Milestones

  • December 2022: Fully articulated problem statement with feedback
  • March 2023: Stakeholder discovery/problem oteration
  • June 2023: Skeleton design for book/multimedia project; list of potential

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