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Anitha Narnavaram is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student in the department of Computer Science Engineering in Madanapalle Institute of Technology & science. She is very passionate about finding and solving the real world problems. She always tries to motivate and create new opportunities that help  students to build and brush up their entrepreneurial skills and mind-sets. She always gives her helping hand to the needy and also follows many NGO’s like well-wisher. She is currently working on IoT projects like smarter healthcare.Anitha is the Coordinator for English Language Club in her college. She is the organiser of many club events and acted as a coordinator for many events that were organised in her college. She always tries to create some innovation space among students and encourage them in all aspects of their thinking outside the box and building their self-confidence. She is more practical in her life and always tries to make things possible in practical way. She always believes that students can change the world.

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