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Sharon Jerusha is pursuing her undergraduate in the stream of Electronics and Communication Engineering in Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Sciences, India. She is good at singing, dancing, painting and she is a quick learner. She is very creative and good in performing arts. She attended many workshops and presented papers on robotics, Artificial Intelligence, drones, etc. She is also a part of the drone club in her school. She always tries to do things in a different way.  She puts in extra effort and tries hard to create in innovative ways. She is practical, attentive to the things around her and tries to grab knowledge from each of the experiences she undergoes.

Sharon's motto is “If it doesn't challenge you, it does not change you”. She is empathetic towards the poor and downtrodden. She wants to take up a philanthropic activity of sponsoring children for their education. She takes great initiative in helping the poor and downtrodden. She always is thinking about helping the community around her and doing something back to society in her own little way.She is tender at heart but has a strong will to pursue and to act upon.  She believes that "Everyone can be a change-maker and it is never too early to start". Sharon says that it's all about making the world a better place to live where anyone can be anything.

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