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Harsha is the one with exceptional insight and analytic skill. He always feels responsibilities with spirit and sophistication and interacts with both students and faculty in an effective, responsible manner. He is an active participant in work discussions, whose contributions were consistently articulate and insightful. He used to conduct student interaction classes which inspire and makes them to move towards the successful path. He is a critical thinker, insightful presenter, and a problem solver. His clarity of thought has a blend of analytical ability, supported by presentable communication skills. Harsha is a natural leader who is very cheerful and inclusive. He maintains punctuality and he is very much determined to his work, he used to accomplish his tasks despite of any obstacles. He very enthusiastic to interact with new people and share his ideas. He does social activities such as motivating, inspiring, solving social issues in community. Whatever maybe the event, he plays a critical role. He is a good self-motivator and shows sympathy towards animals.

Fall-2017 Pitch Video:

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