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Naga Bhavana Mannem is pursuing her undergraduate degree in the stream of Computer Science Engineering at Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Sciences India. She hails from  Kadapa. She is an empathetic girl who has a determined soul with versatility, dreams of bringing changes in society. She has a huge desire to minimize the existence of old age homes and to develop the quality of living of the poor people. In her perception, social responsibility is the ultimate quality of a person who wants to bring transformation in this society. Being an active member of the National Service Scheme (NSS) Cell and Innovation Cell she organizes and participates in the events with great interest and puts her heart and soul to get a good result out of it. She is a friendly, amiable, courageous and a good speaker.  She is a great observant and communicates her observations with a sense of humor. She is very innovative who is always curious to learn new things for which she is currently undergoing training under the faculty in the field of Artificial intelligence in the SHARP program. She is an extrovert and interacts with the people of different age groups. She takes things sportively and this helps her to face the challenges in an easy manner. Her hobbies are playing outdoor games, listening to music, spending time with small kids and old people. Through net surfing, she gets connected with the trending technologies to face the hazards which are there in this tragical world.

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