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Educate, create and train entrepreneurs and innovator high level professionals, to generate, transform, transfer and articulate knowledge to promote and foster Uruguay’s technological, economic and social development.


To be the Uruguayan Public University of Higher Technological Education, recognized national and internationally for its commitment to the continuous improvement of quality, equal opportunities and the innovative capacity of its educational offer and research, which transforms people to a creative and entrepreneur professional profile in strategic areas, for an equitable and inclusive, social and economic development.

Strategy #1: UNITY

1-Creating links between all the students of the university.

2-Developing unity through diversity.

3-Helping new students to adapt to the university life.

4-Learning new perspectives.


1-Developing UTEC's IDs to indentify student inside and outside the university.

2-Approaching local bussiness in order to improve the community economy by given students benefits such as discounts or similar.

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Spring 2017:

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Fall 2018: 

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