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Peer to peer advising


This project is designed to guide freshmen along their University immersion by forming groups of advanced students who will work together on a specific area of action.


Milton Lopez and Sebastian Calvermater are going to be in charge of this project.

Key aspects

Students and faculty members who volunteer to take part in this project and become students’ advisors must have the ability to empathize with students and have fluent communication skills.

Each volunteer will join a sub-group based on their interests and experience, being passionate and knowledgeable about their area of action.

Each sub-group will have a leader that will respond to Milton and Sebastián. Leaders will give guidance to the members of each group and will be the connection between freshmen and advisors, assigning a mentor according to the student’s needs, holding a well-organized schedule.



Deepen the sense of unity and belonging to the institution by creating a student ID, and give students even more benefits by attending UTEC.


Natalia Suarez and Irina Capdevila are going to be in charge of this project.

Key aspects

The UTEC ID will be the way of identifying students at campus and control access to the different areas and laboratories.

Benefits of having the ID will be further implemented, a few ideas that have been considered are: access to local public transport and housing, services discounts such as cinema or concert tickets, bookstores, restaurants, coffee shops.

This ID will be more helpful to other parts if our university that share building with other schools or high schools. It will help another problem that we recently detected, people there finds it very hard to tell apart UTEC’s students from other institutions’ students.

Strategic Guidelines

  1. Have a high quality educational offer, based on scientific research and relevant technological development, collaborating and participating with the development of the Public System of Higher Education in the interior of the country.

  2. Achieve high national and international recognition for the quality of the processes implemented and the products obtained by the institution in education and innovation. For this, the development of UTEC evaluations, both internal and external, is necessary to allow us to know the progress and correct decisions.

  3. Develop and encourage networking, with various institutions and agents, both public and private, at local, national and international levels, tending to the creation of useful complements for the development of higher education and innovations in strategic areas previously identified .

  4. To develop an efficient and transparent management that generates measurable impacts on the results

  5. achieved with the financial resources applied and those that are managed for execution through various sources. Promote a modern management that allows to develop efficiently its tasks and with accountability to society and the agents that finance the undertakings developed by the University.

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