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Universidad Tecnológica del Uruguay (UTEC) Student Priorities

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UTEC's vision is to teach through the challenges provided by the economic, social and institutional environment, thus innovating and improving constantly the university itself and the community that surrounds it. Building new bridges between the industry sector, the community and the university.

Strategy #1: UNITY

1-Creating spaces and bridges between all the careers of the university.

2-Developing unity through diversity.

3-Helping new students to adapt to the university life.

4-Learning new perspectives.

Strategy #2: FAB LAB

1-Innovation and entrepreneurship space.

2-Promoting I&E.

3-Developing creativity and teamwork.

4-Solving problems for the local industry and the community.

Strategy #3: SEED

1-Giving funds to the best ideas from the FAB LAB, and helping the students through the creation of their own company or selling their idea to a company.

2-Improving the national industry and the community.


1-Developing design thinking workshops inside and outside the university.

2-Approaching industrial, education and social problems in order to improve the community.

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