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Strategy 1: Improving Communication Skills

The buzz word in every campus is communication. For students, communication is a vital life skill. A student must develop his/her communication skills to acquire benefits in all aspects of his/her life. Now-a-days, every opportunity's arrival is completely dependent upon communication skills. To start a business, to acquire a job, to avail education at reputed schools, students must have proficiency in communication skills. Good communication is the heart of this fast-growing world.

We conveyed our idea to students, faculty champions, campus advisors, and some authorities and with some proposal to enhance this. After discussing the pros and cons  the feedback was gathered. Basing on this with some minor changes we have made a clear and simple prototype as a solution for this and the same was approved by campus authorities.

The prototype will be running by setting up COMMUNICATION SKILLS Club in the campus which will monitored by Principal, HOD. The English faculty in collaboration with soft skills faculty will conduct soft skills activities under this club. This club will make sure that each and every student acquires good communication and soft skills by organizing activities during weekend. This helps to maintain student’s communication standards in long-run vision.



Strategy 2: Smart Teaching for Theoretical Knowledge and improving Practical oriented Knowledge


The process of learning doesn’t have any bounds. It is the knowledge that remains after one forgets what he/she learned in schools. Thus, we emphasize on learning concepts with the help visuals and performing activities.

Keeping this in view we are planning for smart classroom learning to be introduced. This smart class room education system makes students get more interest on the lectures and also increase the student participation in a classroom environment.

Through this Smart Learning concept, we want the learners themselves to facilitate an environment in the concepts that will be later bridged by the teachers. The learners activate and build background knowledge, process information, transform their learning into a product (a picture, a mind map or a presentation) that shows what they know, and reflect on their learning. Then the teacher will fill the gaps that remained.

Structured talk and assessment will be made part of the process of learning, which enable to enhance the thinking of all learners by means of inclusivity and differentiation so as to realizes the goals.

Use of technology in education can bring a huge change. Internet and e-learning can make classroom environment extremely amazing. Teaching through computer, internet and multimedia devices will be used as a common tool in future and we want to take a step towards it.

Strategy 3: Common workspace for inter-disciplinary majors in order to implement their innovative ideas

If a student in particular major have an idea and when he start implementing those ideas require support of technologies of other majors. To work collaboratively with peers of other majors they need to have a common space and where they can sit together and have access to different tools and equipment.  


When we expressed our issue and plans to overcome the same to the students, faculty champions, campus advisors, and other authorities. Basing on the feedback and suggestions received from the stakeholders we came up with an proposal to have a common workplace equipped with components, tools that may need in implementing different concepts. For this we got the approval from authorities for implementing the same.


In implementing the same, we will setup a Common Workspace for Implementing Innovative Ideas, where a student registers his/her idea. This information will be circulated to all the students who are registered to work in this workspace. Interested students who wants to work on a particular can join the student who has given the idea and start collaborating. The mentor will have an interaction with the interested students and choose a pool of people for each idea as a team who will be working on it. This common workspace provides students to implement their ideas which require support from different majors. As mentors from different majors are going to be available to the student implementing the ideas will be made comfortable. Therefore, this helps successful implementation of innovative ideas


Strategy 4: Promoting innovative ideas for investors to start their own Start-ups


A Team having an idea/proposal idea cannot be established into a prototype or a start-up because of lack of financial support unless they show some preliminary results. So, students are facing lot of hurdles at the initial stage itself due to lack of funds.

We identified this problem and discussed with the stakeholders and came with a proposal and the same was submitted to the principal & management. As a part of this, the management has formally accepted to provide seed funding. The team with   an idea/proposal will submit the proposal, which will be reviewed by a team of panel members to verify its viability. Upon recommendation of the panel of members the college management provides the funding from the seed amount allotted. Once a prototype is developed the same will be marketed by showcasing it at various Platforms to attract investors. With the help of entrepreneurship cell the interested investors may be invited to support the same and get necessary funding to initiate a start-up and develop the final product.

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