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Satya Krishna profile picture.jpg
Pendyala Satya Krishna
School (Cohort)
Aditya College of Engineering (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Pendyala Satya Krishna is a University Innovation Fellow and a Junior at Aditya College Of Engineering, pursuing an Electronics and Communication Engineering degree. He is eager to adopt new technologies to develop more innovative applications. He is a workaholic. He motivates his peers to live not only for academics. He always says, "We have to create our own path to search for our interests and abilities". He is interested in writing essays efficiently. Besides this Satya Krishna loves to spend time with elders to acquire knowledge from them. He is a sportsperson. He is a national Floorball player. He learned how to lead a successful team from sports. He believes teamwork is the main role while managing a team. Apart from his academics, Satya Krishna wants to build his career path as a cybersecurity professional.

He is very much enterprising and comes out with innovative notions. He successfully coordinated the class as a class representative and proved himself to be a team man. He leads his class students and motivates them. He actively participates in various activities like seminars, cultural activities, workshops etc. He was involved in different social service activities like Blood donation, and supporting the needy, and with these, he proved himself as a good social man.

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