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Paprayuni srivalli vijaya.jpg
patrayuni vijaya srivalli
School (Cohort)
Aditya College of Engineering (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Electonics And Communication Engineering


Patrayuni vijaya srivalli is Pursuing Bachelors in Aditya College of Engineering under the major Electonics And Communication Engineering. She is the class representative of the class. She actively represents the class and motivates the students of the class in all aspects. She is very good at his academics and shows interest in learning new technologies.She is basically a well maintained candidate with a dynamic capability in doing and analyzing things.She is one among them who  can enterprise the whole of the structure accordingly, well handled and well  maintained under any circumstances.

                Besides all of these she is a fully energised of being humble,obedient and loyal towards her work along with truthfulness .A majour study of issues like those of socially with regards of its root causes ,their substantive solutions are her hobbies along with debating,active participation and voluntary are comprised in her along.


She successfully coordinated the class as a class representative and proved herself to be a team women. She leads his class students and motivates them so that, all can prosper as a group. She actively participates in various activities like seminars, workshops conducted by the department and entrepreneurship development cell. She is active member of National Service Scheme and involved in different social service activities like Blood donation, supporting the needy With these she proved herself to be a person who wants to learn new technologies with zeal to implement innovative projects.She organizes things with fully fledged approach with no disputes and even  leads a whole of a team accordingly with a greater source of positive essence.She is a sportic person who even collaborated her role of even winning medals to the department .She is a  highly entuastic fellow member of learning new things ,grasping the whole new ideas across every standards .

      She would always grasp a chance of leading a role in seminars sharing her subjective grasp and also analyzing her journey throught out .She is often refered by her colliques as a multi tasking one ,performing everthing in a smooth and organized manner .

  She also do have a good leadership skills with lots of patience and a supportive nature.She  have these sort of amazing coding knowledge which just amaze everyone around and evenly she helps all of the ones who would like combact in coding .

Social media profiles

linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/p-vijaya-srivalli-80a483227


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