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Puch Jaroonwit
School (Cohort)
National Institute of Development Administration (2020 cohort)
Majoring in


My name is Puchtara Jaroonwit. I am studying my first graudate degree of bussiness administration in NIDA, National Institue of Development Administration, Bangkok.I love to question something that never exisits and have a will to pursue the new idea to solve today painpoint. I have some experinced from my bachelor degree in physical therapy but I prefer sciences that can be used in more fields, which I see that business sciences are fascinating and can provide many benefit to the world. Before the studying, working as the research assistant for a year, involving setting up or health project related to what the lecturer needs and ledgering the financial records for the project.


Personal achievements

- recieved the bachelor degree from well-known university, Chulalongkorn university.

- participated as the voluneers in the rural area.

- lecturing about physical therapy in the rural area.

- attended the Stanford designt thinking courses.

Pending achievements

- develop my own business,related with health care service.

- construct the non-profit organization for people in needs.

Social media profiles


LINE ID; 231987853

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