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Pakorn Thongjeen is a 2019 University Innovation Fellow from National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), Thailand. He is currently a PhD student in Business Administration at NIDA Business School with specialization in Management Information System (MIS). He did his Bachelor’s degree from the Royal Police Cadet Academy, Thailand,in Public Administration and his Master’s degree in Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management from the George Washington University, USA. After graduation from the police academy, I had worked as an inquiry officer for 3 years at Lumpini police station, which is one of the largest police station in Thailand. As an inquiry officer, in addition to having investigated a number of  criminal and traffic accident cases in Lumpini precinct and taken alleged offenders through the criminal justice process, I had received several chances from my superiors to be part of the investigation teams to collect evidence and investigate several national-level criminal cases as a result of chronic political conflicts in Thailand as well as the Erawan shrine bombing incident in 2015, which is the deadliest and worse-ever attack on Thai soil. 

He is a big believer in correlation between the nation’s safety and security and its sustainable economic growth, especially in the case of Thailand where national economy relies heavily on tourism. He possesses a strong passion about being a catalyst who helps bridge the safety and security gaps in Thailand and other ASEAN countries through innovation and entrepreneurship as he is convinced this change will allow ASEAN countries to accelerate economic growth and sustainability. He sees potential of ASEAN to be one of the world’s fastest-growing markets for public safety and security industry. Only through innovation and entrepreneurial processes, safety and security in ASEAN, both physically and digitally, can be sustainably achieved. 

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