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About Natalia

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Serving as a UIF Since: Fall 2018

School: Universidad Tecnológica del Uruguay

What she does now: Study Biomedical Engineering, volunteer at the Lab -A ( Open Lab for innovation, development, entrepreneurship, and technological research), design assistive products for patients with neuromuscular disorders, and research how to make healthcare more accessible for everyone.

What that means: Study, help at design thinking, 3D printing, and work with other biomedical students to design assistive devices next to occupational therapies and other health professionals.

Contact her about: biomedical open-source hardware and design thinking in health

Email: natalia.suarez@estudiantes.utec.edu.uy

Natalia Suárez is a University Innovation Fellow and part of the second generation of students of Biomedical Engineering in Universidad Tecnologica del Uruguay (UTEC). Her research interest includes clinical engineering, neuroengeering, rehabilitation, and product design.

Natalia is originally from Paysandú, Uruguay, where she lived until 2017 when she moved to Fray Bentos, Río Negro for university at Universidad Tecnológica. While she was in high-school studying computer science and information technology she was introduced to divers maker marathons, labs, science fairs, and camps that let her build a path through 2 majors; health, innovation in design. She also seeks to improve education, emphasizing mental health, and raising awareness of neurobiological disorders.

At Universidad Tecnológica, Natalia volunteers at Lab-A ( Open Lab for innovation, development, entrepreneurship and technological research), where she helps at design thinking, 3D printing, and design, robotics in education workshops as Bits and Bricks program (educational robotics), there she was introduced to the University Innovation Fellows Program. She also enjoys researching open source biomedical equipment and personalized medicine.

From a very young age, Natalia was interested in innovation, technology, and health. This makes her join as many extracurricular advanced activities to always keep learning, this taught her that one is never too young to learn. Growing up, she was also involved in music, learning to play piano and guitar, and in sports such as rowing, skating, and taekwondo.

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