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Marlen Braun
School (Cohort)
University of Twente (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
The Netherlands


Marlen is a Psychology student from the University of Twente (UT) in the Netherlands. Originally from Germany, she came to the UT to learn more about human-computer interaction, what makes humans behave the way they do, and of course, as every good Psychology student does, learn how to read minds.

Looking back, she is happy about her choice. The university offers a variety of opportunities for students to become active and meet new students. Inspired by other ambitious students and the drive to work in more interdisciplinary teams, she joined a group of students aiming at building a biosensor to increase epilepsy patient’s quality of life. Here, one thing became clear to her:

You do not necessarily have to be an engineer to contribute to such projects. You can also do so by marketing/promoting the project, contributing ideas, or something else.

One of such projects is promoting sustainable transport. She loves going on road trips but is often conflicted due to the CO2 emissions. Travelling by train is also a great option, but still not satisfactorily environmentally friendly. That is why she wants to support the development of efficient solar cars with a team at her university. She hopes to educate people about this issue and make them realise the potential that lies within solar-powered vehicles. Due to her passion for transport and mobility, she would also like to learn more about user experience in that sector.

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