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Lexy Foor is a third year biology pre-medicine student at James Madison University in Harrisonbirg, Virginia. Lexy is originally from a small town in Maryland before moving to Virginia. After taking a medical innovations class her first year, which encouraged learning/playing with 3D-printers and laser cutters, her love and intrigue for design thinking was sparked. Through this course and multiple encouraging faculty she was introduced to UIF.

In preparation for UIF, Lexy worked as a Team Advisor for the National Student Leadership Conference at Harvard Medical School. This conference allowed high school students to learn about medicine and leadership through hands-on, interactive activities. This program also served to encourage Lexy to look for ways that design thinking could be used in medical education and innovation. Shewas given the opportunity to experience first hand the health care of a deveoping country when she traveled to theDominican Republic for a service trip focusing on children going through dialysis. She is excited to continue to grow with this experience.

Lexy has taken on many mentoring positions throughout her time at JMU. During her second year she was an Academic Advisor to a group of first years while also being a Resident Advisor for upperclass students. During her third year, she joined JMU's Orientation Team as a First Year Orientation Guide to advise thirty four students throughout their transition process to college.


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