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Julia Föllmer
School (Cohort)
Hamburg University of Technology (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronics


Julia is studying General Engineering Science at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronics. She is part of the University Innovation Fellow cohort 2021 together with Jan Famulla and Lennard Korte.

Before her A-levels, Julia has already stayed for several weeks in the row of 3 year on student exchanges in France and Italy and has discovered her passion for meeting different people, languages and traveling. During her stays in France she collected surveys for her CertiLingua Certificate about Breton and Low German. After her A-levels, she went for a year to New Zealand to think about which studies will fulfill her. Next to this, she was able to act out her passion for traveling, meeting amazing and interesting people on her way again and to manage completely new situations and experiences. During this time, she discovered her passion for running as well and completed her first half marathon. Additionally she proved her language skills in English with the Cambridge English Advanced C1 in Auckland.

With new inspirations after her gap year she started her studies in 2018. Since her start of her studies, she was tutor for first-year students in order to connect students and give advice for a good start at university. As a tutor in assisted studying in Physics for Engineers and Electrical Engineering II she also supported students during their tutorials. In 2020, she was part of TUHH4U and StuhhDIUM in order to inform prospective students about the TUHH.

In September 2020 she started an internship at Dräger Safety in Product Qualification and Software development and started working as a working student after the 6 months internship.

Julia is a very energetic and enthusiastic person and likes to use her energy. In her free time she enjoys running, cycling and swimming and yoga. In summer she is also passionate about sailing and stand up paddling. Also, she is learning a new instrument, ukulele, and learning Chinese.


  • CertiLingua Certificate - Est-ce qu ́on peut comparer la langue bretonne en Bretagne avec le

« Plattdeutsch » en Allemagne du Nord? (Comparison of Breton and Low German)

  • Cambridge Certificate C1

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