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Promoting student innovation and entrepreneurship

In different modules of several studies (post- and undergraduate) the topic of I&E is promoted. This happens through the eyes of strategic management as well as in any engineering courses which includes cutting edge technology. Moreover there are courses which focus exclusively on the topics I&E and encourage a hands on mentality where students are motivated to develop their own innovative ideas and show them how this idea could become reality. Through various kinds of events students are inspired to join different activities like working groups or talks.  Especially known is our award receiving working group e-gnition which develop a electric race car. Further support is given through our FabLab and Student Workshop which allows students to use professional facilities. This allows them to prototype and bring their ideas to life.

Encouraging faculty innovation and entrepreneurship

The faculty at TU Hamburg is encouraged through multiple collaborations with innovative companies in Hamburg. One way this unfolds is that a lot of PhD Students write their thesis with a company to have a direct impact in the economy and the university lectures will then be enriched by the research. Further more, faculty can also work on projects at the Start Up Dock and possibly create their own start-ups. Some collaborations are also with research facilities as well, may that often be fundamental research. This might not create a start up at first, but it opens the university to a greater spectrum of technical possibilities that will spark conversations and collaboration at the university itself. Furthermore, the I3 Program is fostering the collaboration between different scientific fields. Interdisciplinary oriented projects including scientists of TU get funded. 

Actively supporting the university technology transfer function

Students that have established a concept now find help in extra consultancy. These consultants help the new becoming entrepreneurs to develop a solid business model. An incentive is that the government of Germany offers a start-up scholarship for those students with the most promising concept. Moreover at the Technical University of Hamburg Professors every department are open for question and help regarding to entrepreneurial projects.  

Facilitating University-Industry Collaboration

Through shared ownership of companies the university ensures that projects that started in the university can be translated in the private sector of Hamburg (One example is the TuTech GmbH with the start-up dock).  Moreover companies are always engaging in projects which offers students a possibility to work on real-life challenges. One example is the project LOMIS in which an institute was working with Lufthansa Technik AG. The project delivered insights for Design Thinking in Open Innovation projects. 

Engaging with regional and local economic development efforts

One example of a local collaboration is the Center of Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL) in which the TU collaborates with Lufthansa Technik, Airbus and other partners. In this their is research conduct in different topics like: Drones, 3D-Printing and aircraft cabin systems that are designed in virtual reality. In addition there are several projects which are conducted with different local partners like DESY, who are focusing on research in fundamental physics. Further partners are the Fraunhofer Society and German Aerospace Centre DLR. Some institutes of TU have key roles concerning the innovation park of Harburg.

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