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Luise Degen just started her position as a PhD student and research assistant at Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) at the Hamburg University of Technology. The institute focuses on both, education and research in the field of Technology and Innovation Management.

During her studies Luise's focus lay heavily on innovation and entrepreneurship especially in a global context. This focus developed during an internship at the Corporate Innovation Management and Product Development department at Lufthansa Technik during her bachelor studies in business administration and management. Because of this experience, Luise completed her master's in Global Technology and Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at the TUHH in cooperation with the Allborg University in Denmark. She wrote her master's thesis about blended learning in connection with entrepreneurial learning together with a start-up in Berlin. Especially during the time at the Lufthansa Technik and her master studies she developed a passion for sustainable solutions. This is why her research focus during her PhD lies on sustainable innovations.

In her free time Luise enjoys cooking, doing yoga and being outdoors. She also enjoys listing to all sorts of self-development podcasts, reading books and spending time with friends and family. Luise is curious and has a passion for meeting new people and exploring new opportunities but especially for inspiring others.