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School (Cohort)
Hamburg University of Technology (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
International Management and Business
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Hannah is studying International Management and Engineering at Hamburg University of Technology and is part of the University Innovation Fellow cohort 2020.

She is one of the members of the third leadership circle of her campus. Together with her Teammates Luise, David and Jannik is willing to achieve a huge impact at her university.

She has completed her bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Process Engineering, which she acquired 2015 as well at the Hamburg University of Technology.

Directly after graduation her impression that her heart beats for innovations and working together with people rather than for pure natural science were proven by the completion of a voluntary internship at Beiersdorf manufacturing Hamburg. To have time to think about how to complement her studies with this new finding she took a gap year right after her A-Levels and travelled through Australia and south east Asia for one year.

With new inspiration and a refreshed mindset, she started her master’s degree as mentioned above with the focus on entrepreneurship.

Meeting and working with different people and getting to know the world better trough travelling has developed to be one of the most valuable things to her as she believes to grow and enriches her life with every of these experiences. That’s why she went abroad again during her master’s degree to study and life half a year in France and to travel through Thailand.

With passion she enjoyed taking part in the outcome events of the last two Cohorts that took part in this program. This made her even more wanting to be a part of the University Innovation Fellow program this year.

The recent start of work in a start-up company supports her in the belief that she has found what really fulfills her.

In her free time Hannah enjoys playing the ukulele and piano and likes to express her feelings through singing and dancing. For all of her childhood she has had dance classes and also was part of the North-Western regional team in Jazz and modern dance in Germany.


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