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Promoting Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship


  • Student Industry Fellows Program
  • Innovation Bootcamp through Innovation Gateway
  • New Materials Innovation Center
  • Student Center for Entrepreneurship (Studio 225)
  • UGA Idea Accelerator Program
  • Experiential Learning
  • Innovation Hub
  • Georgia Magazine
  • Dawg Camp Innovate
  • International Coffee Hour  

Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication

  • New Media Institute
  • TedxUGA
  • Digital Drive Thru
  • Cannes Creativity Festival Abroad
  • The Red & Black
  • Arts Careers and Entrepreneurship Day
  • Arts Career Entrepreneurship Space (ACES)

Terry College of Business

  • Society of Entrepreneurs
  • UGA's Next Top Entrepreneur
    UGA Launch Pad
  • UGA Idea Accelerator Program
  • Entrepreneurship and New Venture Formation
  • Innovative Business Projects
  • Innovation Management
  • Interdisciplinary certificate in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Certificate
  • Entrepreneurs and Innovation Summit
    Music Business Certificate

    College of Engineering
    • Entrepreneurship for Engineers and Scientists
    • Senior Design
    • Innovation and Discovery Challenge Clusters
      College of Family & Consumer Sciences - Social Entrepreneurship
      College of Agriculture & Environmental Science - UGA Fabricate
      Non-UGA Resources
    • Four Athens
    • Athens Hatch
    • Hackyard Athens

Encouraging Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Purpose: These organizations and programs at the University of Georgia are dedicated to advancing research, fostering innovation, and translating academic expertise into real-world applications and economic growth.
  • Proponents:
  • The Georgia BioBusiness Center (GBBC): The BioBusiness Center works with startups based upon UGA developed research and recruited companies with research and technology ties to the University of Georgia.
  • The Georgia Research Alliance (GRA): The Georgia Research Alliance expands research and commercialization capacity in Georgia’s universities to launch new companies, create high-value jobs and transform lives.
  • The Office of Research: The office designed the Faculty Innovation Fellows Program to support faculty who want to engage in commercialization and product development.
  • The College of Education: The College of Education works directly with the Office of Information Technology to give faculty the opportunity to enhance their teaching skills through the Innovation in Teaching Technology (ITT) Faculty Academy.
  • UGA Research Foundation (UGARF): This foundation is responsible for managing intellectual property, technology transfer, and commercialization of research discoveries made by UGA faculty and staff. They work with faculty to protect and license their innovations and innovations.
  • Innovation Gateway: The Innovation Gateway facilitates the transfer of technologies developed at the university into the marketplace. They offer support in patenting, licensing, and forming startup companies based on UGA research.

Actively Supporting the University Technology Transfer Function

  • Purpose: The University of Georgia (UGA) plays a vital role in supporting the technology transfer function through its Innovation Gateway. This platform serves as a bridge, linking the UGA community with the industry, to harness university expertise and inventions for societal benefit, economic growth, and enhancing research visibility. Central to this effort is the University of Georgia Research Foundation (UGARF), responsible for managing all intellectual property within the institution. Among its core functions are the assessment of technology disclosures for their patentability and commercial viability, the protection and maintenance of intellectual property rights, and fostering technology marketing and partnership opportunities. Additionally, the Innovation Gateway handles critical aspects like compliance for licensed technologies and providing support for early-stage funding prospects. For faculty, educational resources are available through streamlining research collaborations, ensuring proper material transfer and confidentiality stipulations.
  • Proponents:
  • The Georgia BioBusiness Center (GBBC): The Georgia BioBusiness Center works with startups based upon UGA developed research and recruited companies with research and technology ties to the University of Georgia.
  • The Technology Commercialization Office (TCO): This office focuses on commercialization of new research and products. It also supports the Innovation Gateway, which serves the UGA community by connecting industry with university expertise and inventions for the public good, promoting economic development and increasing research visibility.
  • The Technology Commercialization Office (TCO): helps promote UGA's research mission, both domestically and internationally, licensing, outreach and a robust internship program.
  • The University of Georgia Research Foundation (UGARF): This foundation is responsible for administering all intellectual property at The University of Georgia. The functions include: evaluating technology disclosures for patentability and commercial potential, intellectual property prosecution and maintenance (patents, trademarks, plant variety protection certificates, copyrights, or trademarks) on university technology, technology marketing and partnering, manage compliance issues for licensed technology company formation and identification of early-stage funding opportunities, receiving and distributing license income, faculty education on startup, patenting and technology commercialization processes.

Facilitating University-Industry Collaborations

  • Purpose: Through these dedicated offices, research initiatives, and innovative centers, UGA actively promotes interdisciplinary research, technological advancement, and economic development, thereby catalyzing new discoveries, startups, and collaborations that strengthen university-industry relationships and our community.
  • Proponents:
  • UGA Office of Research: The Office of Research encourages and supports innovative interdisciplinary research, scholarship and creative activities. Industry members can sponsor research, engage start ups, access research services, and license technologies and digital images. 
  • UGA Office of Economic Development: The mission of the Office of Economic Development is to extend the resources of the university to help Georgia and beyond prosper, working every day to improve the quality of life for Georgians. Based in Atlanta, the office serves businesses and communities throughout the state. Established in 2013, the office enhances the university's role in industry collaborations.
  • Downtown Connector: UGA Office of Economic Development link to reach potential industry partners in the area.
  • Innovation Gateway: Innovation Gateway fosters a network of industry, economic development, and university partners, amplifying its ability to develop new products and companies based on the university resarch. Since 2015, new invention disclosures and licensing revenues are up 30 percent, startup projects have increased 40 percent, and more than 20 startup companies have been launched. 
  • Food Product Innovation & Commercialization Center: Created by the Department of Food Science and Technology in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the center forms a strategic alliance with external marketing, technology, and engineering groups to help food companies take a new product from conception, through consumer research, formulation, prototyping, shelf-life analysis, and market launch.
  • New Materials Innovation Center: With support from the U.S. Department of Commerce, UGA has created a center which fulfills the local and regional need for a large-scale testing facility for new materials being developed by entrepreneurs, startups, and researchers. 
  • Corporate Connect: Corporate Connect is a program to connects UGA Student Veterans with companies and organizations that desire to hire veterans. 

Engaging with Regional and Local Development Affairs

  • Purpose: These entities and programs collectively showcase the University of Georgia's commitment to economic development, community engagement, leadership development, environmental stewardship, education, and support for rural students. They play vital roles in extending the university's resources and expertise to benefit the state and its residents.
  • Proponents: