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Current Involvements: Data analytics intern, Innovation Fellow at The University of Georgia Student Industry Fellows Program, Community Services Assistant at University Village

Taral, originally born in Gujarat, India, made her way to the United States at the age of four. Since then, she has embraced Georgia as her home, immersing herself in the inviting and gracious southern way of life. Beyond her academic pursuits as a business student at the University of Georgia, Taral finds delight in a diverse array of activities during her leisure hours. These include the art of crafting cheesecakes, engaging in captivating rounds of Splendor and Catan, honing her badminton and volleyball skills, embarking on refreshing runs, and tending to her plants. Her passion lies in inspiring transformative change through strategic planning, embracing diverse perspectives, and leveraging human-centered design.

At the University of Georgia, Taral is an Innovation Fellow in the Student Industry Fellows Program. In this program, she collaborates within multi-disciplinary teams to provide consulting expertise for notable enterprises such as Delta Airlines, The National Hockey League, Cox Enterprises, Schreder, and Augusta National Golf Club. Her responsibilities encompass thorough research, meticulous analysis, innovative design, and crafting strategic implementation plans. These plans are then presented to each respective company at the culmination of an intensive 8-week sprint. Concurrently, Taral extends her impact as a community services assistant at University Village. Here, she resolves challenges encountered by graduate and international students, while overseeing the management of housing keys and essential administrative tasks. Her distinct experience as an immigrant equips her with the skill to cultivate a sense of community in a novel environment and alleviate worries by helping residents acclimate, thus establishing an environment akin to home. Additionally, she offers valuable guidance through her personal experience in legal matters concerning immigration law.

Adding another layer to her dynamic endeavors, Taral works as a data analytics intern at Cox Communications. Harnessing her innate knack for deciphering extensive data sets, she orchestrates the revelation of intricate narratives concealed within. Her role involves streamlining business processes and making recommendations to enhance efficiency, all rooted in data-driven insights. Furthermore, she takes charge in formulating and delivering backend solutions to clients by identifying trends, proposing recommendations, and implementing systems that bring her suggestions to life.

Taral's aspirations are woven with a determination to cultivate transformative systems that bestow individuals with the gift of time. Eagerly anticipating her participation in the Stanford University Innovation Fellows Program, she envisions acquiring the strategic tools needed to incite change and elevate higher education at the University of Georgia. Armed with her inquisitive nature and a meticulous approach, Taral envisions collaborating closely with administration to illuminate the hidden facets of higher education, reigniting the flames of scholarly passion within students, and ultimately revolutionizing the landscape of learning.


  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect

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