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Sejal Khanna
School (Cohort)
University of Georgia (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Marketing and Management Information Systems
United States


Current Involvements: Marketing/Technology Consulting Intern at various firms, Innovation Fellow at UGA Student Industry Fellows Program, Director of Outreach for Serve UGA, PR/Media Chair for UGA’s Habitat for Humanity College Chapter, Marketing Chair for UGA Indian Cultural Exchange

Sejal Khanna, a business student at the University of Georgia, is a driven and detail-oriented individual dedicated to uplifting her community through the power of collaboration, innovation and human-centered design.

At the University of Georgia, Sejal is grateful to be a part of the Student Industry Fellows Program, which allows her to collaborate with corporate, government, and community agencies through innovative, multi-disciplinary team projects. As an Innovation Fellow, she is passionate about researching, prototyping, and presenting impactful solutions to clients’ top-level management. She has enjoyed tackling a sustainability challenge for Delta Air Lines, developing a Web 3.0 strategy for WorldStrides, and proposing a revamped marketing plan for Better Business Bureau.

Furthermore, Sejal serves as Serve UGA's Director of Outreach and the local Habitat for Humanity's PR/Media Chair. She is also involved with UGA’s Indian Cultural Exchange. Through these roles, she loves planning and promoting campus-wide events to encourage students to step out of their bubble. As the flyers she designs fill the university’s bulletin boards and her peers’ Instagram feeds, she is eager to use her marketing and communication skills to connect students with each other and engage in opportunities for both societal change and cultural immersion.

In addition to her on-campus involvements, Sejal’s professional experience includes interning as a Technology Consultant at PwC and Digital Marketing Associate at several marketing agencies. As a result, she stays up to date on technologies and trends and continues to explore novel approaches to traditional practices.

Whether Sejal ideates with the UGA Student Industry Fellows Program or hammers nails with Habitat for Humanity, she strives to foster a strong sense of community through innovation. She believes that nonprofits can avail from advancing systems and processes. Hence, Sejal aspires to leverage emerging technologies and diverse perspectives gained from her personal and professional experiences to optimize such organizations and heighten their efforts - continuing to align her work with her values.

Sejal looks forward to learning more about design thinking and operationalizing innovation, as well as collaborating with other Stanford University Innovation Fellows to drive change in higher education. She is eager to learn and enhance the events, spaces, courses and extracurricular resources available at the University of Georgia and beyond.

Sejal was born in New Delhi, India and moved to the United States with her parents when she was just six months old. She has been a proud Georgia resident ever since, and appreciates the diverse and upbeat culture of Atlanta by indulging in new restaurants and attending concerts or festivals in the city. For leisure, Sejal enjoys reading anything (but especially historical fiction and social psychology), baking anything (sweet), and traveling anywhere (domestically or internationally). She also loves to take personality tests: Myers Briggs ENFJ, Enneagram 3w2, and an S as per the DiSC Model (prioritizing Steadiness).


University of Georgia:

  • Facilitating 2,260 hours of community service with Serve UGA as Director of Outreach (2022-2023)
  • 1st Place in UGA Summer Design Sprint Sponsored by Cox Enterprises (2022)
  • UGA’s Beckham Workforce Diversity Certificate Program (2022)

South Forsyth High School:

  • 300+ hours of service + starting a Career Development Program with Next Generation Focus, a local nonprofit offering educational and enrichment opportunities for underprivileged children
  • DECA (2018-2021), 7x Medalist across several Region, State and International Competitions, Top 10 in the world in Career Development Project (2021)
  • 1st Place Group Exhibit for National History Day Region Competition (2020)

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