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Project Name: Making Entrepreneurial Mindfulness a Thing

Project by Faculty Innovation Fellows Candidates Luise Degen and Malte Krohn

Why is this project important to you, your department, & your Fellows?

We believe that the world needs healthy, engaged and skilled change makers. Our department delivers a wide range of innovation courses, which it always strives to keep innovative and engaging. UIF strives to hone students’ entrepreneurial mindset. We think it's a match!


Why not hone the entrepreneurial mindset mindfully and give change makers the tools to get aware of, appreciate and cultivate their capacity to drive change? We think there is a way to create the future from the present moment!

Entrepreneurial well-being has recently received a lot of attention in academia and is suggested to be taken seriously. Furthermore, our world needs change makers that are driven by a social or sustainable purpose. Research has shown that both aspects are related to meditation and mindfulness.

This is why we want to develop a course for students, in which they gain skills to tackle the external challenges of a fast-moving world and internal challenges which arise along the entrepreneurial journey. We want to empower students to create sustainable change through teaching them the basics of Entrepreneurial Mindfulness.

Recently, Malte started having a closer look at these issues to develop a more thorough understanding and collect expert opinions on his blog ( This can then provide a foundation to teach Entrepreneurial Mindfulness and enable academic research about its effectiveness.

During her time at the Lufthansa Technik, Luise developed a similar concept for the employees. In combination, Malte’s and Luise’s knowledge and experience build the basis for the course.

Stakeholders served

  1. Students who want to drive change with a purpose and need the skills to do so
  2. Change makers who too often give 110% and need tools to handle their internal challenge

Key Milestones

  • December 2020: Content written & Prototype Workshop Planned for selected TUHH students, Start administrative process for a new course
  • March 2021: Workshop carried out & content ready to get Feedback from fellows and champions across the world
  • June 202: Course details clear and feedback collected
  • September 2021: Course preparation starts
  • December 2021: Course successfully carried out
  • March 2022: Impact of course analyzed and insights ready

An Innovation Portfolio

Potential artifacts include:

  • Written content
  • Cool infographics
  • Meditation guides for change makers
  • Workshop formats
  • A course format
  • Research output

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