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Fall 2022

Strategy 1: Ideate

Head of the Project - Avinash Pabbisetti

Strategy 2: United Hands

Head of the Project - Chinnu Thrimurthin

Strategy 3:

Head of the Project - George Melangton

Strategy 4: Raise Your Voice

Head of the Project - Sri Anusha Reddy Chirla

Fall 2019

Strategy 1: Entrevation- Enhancing Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Head of the Project- Pranavi

The main vision of this is to produce successful entrepreneurs imbibed with innovation using ethical business practices to make a global impact. The mission is to instill the passion and spirit among students to pursue entrepreneurship. Most of the students are not completely aware of the actual meaning of I&E and some of them have their own ideas but not having resources to expose or implement their ideas. The implementation of this idea is though initiating an E&I Cell, which will be a complete package of resources that can transform them from a student to a full-fledged entrepreneur. So, through this idea, we wanted to create a complete platform for such students, who want to be the King of their Kingdom.

Entrepreneurship is important as it has the ability to improve standards of living and create wealth, not only for the entrepreneurs, but also for related businesses. Entrepreneurs also help drive change with innovation, where new and improved products enable new markets to be developed.And this makes the students to improve their knowledge in different aspects.

As most of the students are having different skills but does not have any correct platform to implement their ideas we wanted to create a platform for young and blooming students. 

The impact of entrepreneurship can widely range through this platform as it gives a path to follow their passion.By conducting seminars we can create the awareness in the students to choose their path.

Short Term Goals:

-To provide a platform for interaction with entrepreneurs.

-Impart entrepreneurial education/skills amongst students through various pieces of training

and exercises.

-Arrange vibrant interaction with organizations promoting the cause of entrepreneurship.

Long Term Goals:

-Motivate students to develop their own start-ups.

-Develop business incubators.

Strategy 2: Navadhara - A hub to skill up your interest and talent

Head of the Project- Sandeep

The cultural activity team aims to encourage student’s interest, participation, and responsibility in the ingenious field through a medium of creative art and literary curriculum & Scope. The inventiveness is to provide social, cultural and recreational activities for the college community. The Club, committee meets weekly and provides inspiration and opportunity to students to work on individual and group activities. The students develop and organize own clubs and have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their leadership and decision making skills. The clubs provide a learning experience for the members as students are responsible for the organizing, funding, public relations, regulating, and scheduling activities for these clubs under the direction of the faculty Coordinator.

This club encourages students with an interest in performatic realm either as on stage or off stage contributor. The club is designed to provide a venue for exploration of various aspects in the perform tic forum for the exchange of ideas amongst students who share a common interest. Students who enjoy all aspects of the performing arts (singing, dancing and acting) are encouraged to join the club as they learn the skills and rehearse for each spectacular show. Aims to broaden the intellectual horizons, by promoting thoughtful reading, writing, discussion and brain storming sessions amongst the students. The club has consistently organised elocution competitions, JAMs, extempore etc, to incorporate the intellectual and creative traditions among students. The budding orators hone their skills and develop confidence. The club organizes event where all newfangled thoughts are flocked together.

Usually, students are self-motivated to start a cultural appreciation group as a means of connecting with a side of their culture that they either don’t feel is represented or that they want to learn more about. Usually, in this model, the founder is also a member of the culture to be explored and celebrated.
 Sometimes, though, especially in colleges without much diversity and where a single culture may not have enough representation to warrant a club, a multicultural appreciation group might be formed to celebrate and learn about different cultures each month. In this model, the calendar is broken into different units of study and celebration, usually based around significant cultural events. 

Short term goals:
cultural appreciation group is to get in touch with your culture and share it with others.
 You might learn more about your culture and get the chance to teach others how you celebrate it. 
Furthermore, you might also potentially practice foreign language skills, or appreciate different cultures through food, music, clothing, or movies.
Long term goals:
Enhance their skills and to accentuate their understanding and learning graph. 
To allow students to express themselves, while enlightening their peers. 
To provide a comforting vent for students who are inclined to share their imaginations and talents. 
To reach out to the other institutes of the university through various activities and widen their spectrum.

Strategy 3: Radiochords- The Voice of College

Head of the Project- Mayukhi

The influence and relevance of college radio have undoubtedly diminished since the ’90s, challenged by new outlets for announcements and connectivity that began with the rise of mobile applications, file sharing, and widespread broadband access around the turn of the century. Our college ACET wants to reflect an essential experience through College Radio, which replicates itself a decade after decade: the autonomy, the freedom of speech, the experimental drive. As we are also planning on bringing this opportunity to the very own hands of our students we are gonna design a website and make it a digital platform that people would want to go to and interact with,we believe that this move online will make the station more accessible to the student body. At our radio station, we’re doing the whole thing of creating awareness about the opportunities.

Why Choose Radio?Radio offers efficient targeting,Radio reaches people at relevant times and places,Radio has a ‘multiplier effect’ on other media,Radio drives response,especially online and Radio is also a great 'friend’.Developing a holistic mechanism to capture the possibilities of maximizing the learning experience by employing college radio as an educational tool.

In addition to traditional educational and learning approaches, employing radio as aninstructional medium can redefine the learning experience, have integrative effects, trigger active participation enhance educational experience, and maximize community engagement.

College radio is to be limited to the ACET campus with a target community  of approximately 900 undergraduate students, teachers,and administrative staff. It can be a great learning medium for student development, their viability and scope.Aimed at the holistic growth of the student community.A fresh dimension in order to strengthen the pedagogical mechanism for an enhanced learning experience for students.

Short term goals:

-we get to meet a lot of cool people.

-we will also be exposed to a variety of cultures.

-a collaborative environment outside of the school system.

-we will be able to learn to appreciate the process of creation there.

Long term goals:

-By empowering students to add their voices and opinions to the airwaves and connecting listeners to new ideas and artists, college radio fosters creativity and serves as a platform for students to engage with one another.

-Being independent and non-commercial and the voice of actual people and not the voice of a corporation is more important than ever.

-college radio is more nimble in embracing new transmission options, which will allow students to adapt to the changing media landscape better than their sluggish commercial counterparts.

Strategy 4: AlFaSt - Get Connected for Career Guidance

An app that connects Alumni, Faculty(Placement), Students.

Head of the Project- La Selene

Good conduct is coveted, but sometimes young minds need guidance to polish their personality. Guidance and counselling are important for students and schools have a huge role in bringing out the best out of the ignited minds of the freshmen. Proper counselling will help incorporate valuable lessons in their daily life.It's important to prepare them for life after school and what to expect in the different fields they might opt for.

On the other hand, it’s equally necessary to accelerate with the changing world and be on good terms with the technology. For a student, to have a vision about where would they see them in a couple of years, to choose a better career path in which they are interested, right guidance is required. This paved the way for the Application connecting the alumni and students along with Placement faculty. Through this, students can get acquainted with the job and internship opportunities, the latest technological trends in the field of software and many more. The interaction with the alumni lets the students know what to do and what not to do at each stage of college life. Because the right time to come up with the plan is now.As alumni are the one, who get a real-time experience of the industry and thus can be great career guides just like seniors who were a helping hand in the school.

The "AlFaSt" app provides students to post their queries regarding career vision, check-out latest posts on trends in technology, the news feed of industry, job and internship opportunities. One can follow, DM and also save and like posts. Answering the queries can go into a chain of discussion. When all such features come under a roof to provide a pathway to students, the best and handy way is only an Application, where it can be deployed and maintained.

The impact of such kind of application depends on, to what extent the students can utilize such kind of opportunity and time to connect and interact with the world out of the college. The more is the exposure to applicative knowledge, the more they achieve.

Short Term Goals:


-Scheduling open talks on campus

Long Term Goals:

-Advancing the app for finer usage

-Using ML and AI for better interest search

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