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George Melangton


George Melangton is an Engineer, who works at Amazon. He is native Indian, living in Canada. Positive attitude, balanced extroversion and simplicity have been his attractive traits. He is a smart cookie and a people person. He works on reforming the unreformed, counselling and restorations departing his projection to the world.

Letup from his regular works, George collects writings and books from mid 90's. He says, Being Original is worth more than a copy and all the old writings make him feel the pureness and originality of human race. He is an oldtown kid who listens to Country music and a huge fan of Dolly Parton and Alan Jackson with his favorite song being "Country Roads" by John Denver.

George believes in Love, Joy and Peace rather than Money, Power and Greed. Love people, gift them Joy and attaining them peace are his sayings. A world with Joy isn't a world, but heaven!

While in academics, He has four journals published, holding three Professional Certifications. With his passion in Business and Administration, George is planning MBA in near future.

At last, he says "All Love - No Hate"

Connect George at

Instagram: iammelangton

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