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Francisco is a University Innovation Fellow and a Computer Science student at UTEC (Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología) in Lima, Perú. As a CS student in his sixth semester, Francisco is proficient in programming, discrete math and other CS skills. In campus, he is a member of Spin Out, the I&E community at UTEC, which focuses in creating awareness about innovation and entrepreneurship trough regular events and workshops about methodologies like Design Thinking and SIT. Outside of campus, Francisco is a trainee at two regional startups: CreaCode and Silabuz.com, both of which offer coding courses for kids and teens, where Francisco works as a teacher and as a mentor. He considers his Jesuit education to be an important part of his persona, and because of that he is very interested in the socioeconomical issues that affect his country, which is the reason he chose to work as a teacher to reduce the technological gap between public and private schools and promote computational thinking. When he learned about the UIF program, he saw the opportunity to become a true agent of change in his community. He believes being a Fellow is the perfect additive to his education and it will allow him to develop greater projects to improve not only UTEC, but the other communities he belongs to.



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