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Joined The UIF Force
: Fall 2019

School: Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute Of Technology

What She Does Now: Student

Vidhyamini Routhu is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate major in Information Technology at VVIT. She is gregarious which always assist her for self -motivation.  She came to know about University innovation fellows program in her school and felt to be a great platform to explore and learn.

She would love to be called an NCC cadet where she came to know more about armed forces.  She is a key member of D-help an NGO which conducts humanitarian social services in various sectors. She is always curious, which pushes her to become better version of herself. She hosts various events on campus, and is part of the Chairman's Club, a union of students academically scoring good in examination. She also participates in events organised by ACM, a technology-based student chapter in her school. She loves drawing, and enjoys music and dance.  She believes strongly that the struggle one is in today is developing the strength needed for tomorrow.  She aspires to influence the surroundings she is in to make it a better place .

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