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Victoria Rozas
School (Cohort)
Universidad de los Andes Chile (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Service management


Victoria is currently studying Service Management with minor in Vital Emergencies; and is in her third year of study. She graduated in 2017 from the German School of Santiago and is fluent in three languages (spoken and written): Spanish being her mother tongue, German and English as secondary. She lives in Santiago de Chile.

She is presently one of 3 delegates of the student council, representing her generation. This has not been an easy task during this difficult times, but she takes every challenge head on and transforms them into new positive opportunities.

Since her firt year at University, she has been involved in volunteer work in a variety of social projects. Currently she is in charge of the catholic church social project at the university. It is called: Forjadores de los Andes (translated “Creators of Los Andes”). Around 50 volunteers work, over 10 intense days, in different communities in Chile, in order to create a solid spiritual community and build community places and family homes.

She is also an active member of the university athletic team, High Jump is her main discipline. She has been part of the national athletic team many times representing Chile in international competitions. Other hobbies include working outdoors in her garden, creating an urban orchard, studying wild life, riding bicycle or trekking in the beautiful mountains. Paint with watercolours and making hand crafts is for this curious and creative woman, an amuse way to develop new abbilities and improve skills. Like Albert Einstein said: “Creativity is intelligence having fun” (Albert Einstein).

Victoria is constantly studying in order to seek solutions to minimise human impact on the environment. She is passionate about looking for solutions to improver her environment and encouraging others to do the same.


  • Deutsche internationale Abiturprüfung in 2017
  • Participation in Maker Camp Chile 2017
  • Prize "The best out of the best 2018" Universidad de los Andes because of her active and successful participation in athletic competitions.
  • Honorable mention in a competition of story in 100 words of Vitacura (Santiago district)
  • Temporary entrepreneurship of urban hand made orchard
  • Participation in "Maker Camp" Chile

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