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Fiorella María Bacigalupo Cruz
School (Cohort)
Universidad de los Andes Chile (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Service Management
Chile, Santiago


Fiorella was born on December 19th of 2000 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. She graduated from her school San Francisco de Asís in Chile back in 2018 and is now currently coursing her second year in Universidad de los Andes pursuing Service Management with a minor in Nutrition and Food Physiology.

During her childhood and teenage years living were she grew up, she strongly believes that she has become the woman she is thanks to her beloved family. As of today she always keeps them in her heart and is one of the many things that encourages her on a daily basis. They are a constant reminder that everything that you set your mind to is possible if you're willing to do it with love, respect and most importantly guts, because at the end of the day we can fail various times but the trick is that with every loss there comes a really great lesson from it. Alongside this, with them she became a real enthusiast of enjoying the little things and the time she had with each other, this is because in 2013 she move to Chile with her family because of her dad's job. The first two years were really hard to cope with but she is very grateful for this big change that marked her life. This gave her the chance to learn and discover new things within her and also with this she has little by little form her little family here with her friends from school and university that she cares about the most.

Starting second year of university she got the chance to be the teachers assistant in the class of "Introduction to the Management ”. Also she is currently part of the student council center and is in charge of the social action area, where she has to ensure that the students in her school develop a sense of awareness and also feel motivated to help and be a change in our evolving society, considering the difficult times we are facing due to the coronavirus.

She is passionate about tennis, a sport she started practicing at a young age. Her favorite players are Serena William and Novak Djokovic, they are both such an inspiration to her due to their confidence and also because of their talent as players. Fiorella competed for many years and with that she won some tournaments in her hometown as well as where she is living now this gave her great confidence. She also enjoys dancing with her mom and friends, its a space were she can enjoy herself, laugh a lot and sing her favorite songs. She also considers herself a book worm, she loves reading crime and mythological books in her favorite place, the beach. Also she loves to travel (being New Zealand her all time favorite country) and face new experiences, one of them is trying new food from different countries. Her dream is to have a food truck and later on a restaurant so she can, in the future, have the opportunity to expand Ecuadorian cuisine around the world but until then she enjoys to be her mom's sous-chef at home and making her favorite recipes with bananas and also zucchinis.

Today she is looking at the bright side and positiveness during this pandemic, by doing things with her parents and brothers and now with a new family member, Louie her puppy pug.

Social media profiles

  • Instagram: @fiorebacigalupo
  • Email: fmbacigalupo@miuandes.cl

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