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Vedant is an chemical engineer from Mumbai, India. He has completed his bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Mumbai University and is currently pursuing his Masters in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering from Hamburg University of Technology with focus on topics of Sustainability , Safety and process development.

He has always deep dived into topics which focus on a sustainable future like coming up with 3d printed parts for trucks then the traditional process , thereby reducing the carbon emissions. He has also worked on topic of life cycle analysis for a wide variety of products like abrasives , truck parts, plastic bottles etc.

Being passionate about environmental sustainability and as an aspiring chemical engineer, he believes he can contribute towards the same through judicious use of raw materials, minimizing or reusing waste, and implementing energy-efficient methods.

He enjoys staying active through swimming and badminton. He has not only taken part in local badminton tournaments but have also secured victories in competitions. Additionally, I have a strong interest in public speaking and have actively participated in debates during my school years. Furthermore, I have a love for reading and writing.


  1. In a significant contribution to the scientific community, he authored and published a paper titled "Custard Apple Seed Oil as a Pesticide" in the esteemed International Journal of Environmental and Agriculture Research (IJOEAR). This research delves into the innovative use of custard apple seed oil as an eco-friendly pesticide, highlighting its potential to address environmental and agricultural challenges.
  2. Another noteworthy achievement in my academic journey is the publication of a paper titled "Extraction of Essential Oils from Cashew Nuts" in the International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR). This research underscores my expertise in the field of essential oil extraction, particularly from cashew nuts. By sharing this knowledge with the scientific community, I aim to contribute to the understanding of essential oil extraction processes, which have practical applications in various industries, including aromatherapy and food manufacturing.

He looks forward to continuing his academic journey and making further impactful contributions to these fields.

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