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My is a University Innovation Fellow Candidate for the Cohort of 2019/2020 at Univerisity of Twente. Unlike most popular beliefs, their name is pronounced like the word "me". Though the name screams narcissism, My's philosophy is all about others. 

My is currently in their third year of Bachelor of Business & IT, and as the name of the programme suggests, it is about building a bridge between two different fields and bringing people together. Throughout the programme, they get the opportunity to develop a wide variety of skills covering both the business as well as the technological aspects, and most importantly the connections between these two. 

Besides their study, My also has been participating in multiple extracurricular activities. This year, they have challenged themself to join the Acquisition and Sustainability Managing division of A3T - Drone team. In 2018, they were in the organising board of Week of Inspiration - a week full of inspiring lectures and activities about various areas such as space, politics, education, etc.

Even though the most popular ideology is "productivity is key", My believes in balance more. Having gone through a lot of burnouts throughout their life, they think what most important is still yourself and your well-being. Do what you are passionate about, but sometimes, doing nothing can mean doing more for yourself.

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