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Thomas Noel is a passionate learner, innovator, and an undergraduate student in his

junior year at George Fox University
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(GFU) where he is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Noel grew up on wild rice farm in a small, rural community in Northern California. While in high school, he participated in leadership events through the FFA Organization (Future Farmers of America). Growing up he was fascinated by the mechanisms found in farm equipment and the electrical circuits found in computers.

After Thomas’s first year attending George Fox University, he completed an internship in the NASA Edwards Fiber Optic Sensing Systems laboratory, where he helped complete research for the next-gen FOSS system. It was during this time that he discovered his passion for creative problem solving and his love for people.

Thomas’s current passion has to do with inspiring students in STEM majors to seriously consider why they are pursuing such disciplines and what they can do to make a positive difference with the skills that they attain at University. Noel believes when students find purpose in their studies they are more productive, passionate, and creative.During junior high school, Noel started playing the acoustic guitar and developed a love for playing music. Noel has taught music classes to preschoolers, and enjoys playing in the worship band at his church.

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