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Many of the student priorities at George Fox University are centered around the Maker Hub. We want this space to live up to its name as a "hub" of innovation and entrepreneurship on campus, and to ensure that it is being used to its fullest potential. We also want interdisciplenary students to be able to take advantage of this resourse, so that students with different talents can pool their resources and make something truely special.

Strategy #1: Enhancing and Facilitating Student Access to Resources


The engineering staff envision the Maker Hub as a space for everyone in the University to use, not just engineers. Currently, all engineering students are exposed to resourses available to them in the Maker Hub through online and one on one trainings as part of their Freshman curriculum. The staff is prepared to offer these same opportunities to students outside the major, but those students lack both the knowledge that these resources exist and a reason to learn about them.

Tactic #1

Hold a Maker Event open to all students on campus, and have tables set up with the different tools and machines from the Maker Hub. At these tables there would be sign up sheets to get access to the online FoxTale course for that specific machine. This would allow the students to aquire knowledge on the tools and machines available to them, and a way to access them.

Tactic #2

Develop a student organization focused around making. Give students a problem to solve and a small amount of time to do it and turn them loose. Placing students under pressure will encourage experimentation and promote creativity.

Tactic #3

Host monthly events in the Maker Hub that coicide with an upcoming holiday or season where students can make a specific item with instruction. Any and all students would be allowed to come and learn how to use the different areas of the Maker Hub.

Strategy #2: Increase Awareness of Current and Potential Resources


There is a major gap between the departments at our school. There are many great resources available for students that are not being fully used or leveraged. We want to increase awareness across campus of the innovation-related classes, clubs, and events that are offered to students.

Tactic #1

Develop a "go-to" online resource to increase awareness and offer information about innovation opportunities and resources on campus.  This would be a website that hosts links to all innovation-related classes, clubs, and events across all disciplines and groups.  

Tactic #2

Host informational events across majors within classes.  For example: ask a professor from the College of Engineering to speak in an Entrepreneurship class in the College of Business.  

Tactic #3

Develop an interdisciplinary club where students meet for guest speakers, socializing, or design challenges.

Strategy #3: Make I&E More Practical, Accessible, and Applicable


We believe that the key to developing an innovative mindset is hands-on experience. It's one of the core values of the engineering program, as evidenced by our Freshman engineering program. The Maker Hub containes all kinds of incredible equipment for making. All that is required is student engagement. At the moment many of the resources on campus are not available to the whole student body, something that we are dedicated to.

Tactic #1

Bring in popular and exciting speakers in a TedTalk format to generate movement in I&E at George Fox

Tactic #2

Bringing resources from the Maker Hub outside of the Maker Hub to the quad or common areas where all students can participate in different crafts that teach them how to use the resources as well as what is available

Tactic #3

Live, spontanious demonstrations of Maker Hub equipment for anyone interested, as well as group trainings for these equipments during these times.

Strategy #4: Develop a Proving Ground for New Ideas


A major gap in our I&E ecosystem is that students lack the support necessary to launch new ideas. We may be able to develop those resources to demonstrate that an idea has merit beyond the walls of the University

Tactic #1

Use off campus connections to bring in industry mentors from outside the university.

Tactic #2

Provide students with the resources necessary to fail quickly and often, to test and refine their idea.

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