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Svenja is studying Chemical and Process Engineering at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). She is part of the University Innovation Fellows cohort of 2019 which is already the second leadership cohort on TUHH campus. In her studies she focuses on environmental issues and optimization of working processes. She is as well interested in renewable energy, innovation and time- and selfmanagement. Before studying and finishing her bachelor's degree in Chemical and Process Engineering Svenja started a study course in Civil and Environmental Engineering at TUHH for two semesters before hearing from Chemical and Process Engineering which she found out is a better fit for her interests.

Right after graduating from high school Svenja went abroad for a work & travel program to New Zealand. She stayed there for 11 months, working 7 months of the total time. The best adventures in New Zealand which she accomplished were a tandem skydive and a hike in a cave which was full of glowing fireflies. She enjoyed this time very much and also went for a short trip to Fiji to learn surfing. This was great fun for her. On her way back to Germany she took a 5 weeks stopover in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. In Thailand she learned how to scuba dive which she enjoyed very much because of the astonishing wildlife. In this one year of traveling Svenja got to know many people and different cultures. Meeting and working with different people is valuable to her because she believes that you can learn from everyone and every situation; especially if people are very much different to her. Traveling has enriched her mindset due to that learning effects. Therefore she tries to take any chance to travel and explore as much as she can. As much as she liked to explore and learn new things Svenja is still keen on getting to know the world better. That's why she was very eager to take part in the last year's cohort Design Thinking workshop and to learn skills in the UIF training totally different from her main studies.

Svenja is a very active and hardworking person. In her spare time Svenja likes to do sports in the fitness center or doing Kung Fu training. She would also like to be as fit and agile as the people doing parcour and bouldering in the television show Ninja Warrior. She likes to play chess and sudoku or do a very difficult puzzle. She also likes to read good books like crime and mystery thriller, fantasy novels or self improvement books. Svenja also likes to sing in the choir of the university. Every year we give a main concert and some smaller concerts sometimes in cooperation with other music groups. A passion for Svenja also is to help other students by being part in the student association of her field of study for five years up until now. If there is any time left she likes to swim and hike or just relax in the sun.

Her fellow members of the 2019 leadership circle are:

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