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Suhaib is a Technology & Liberal Arts and Sciences (ATLAS) student at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, which naturally makes him passionate about technology and solving complex problems. He mainly focuses on design, computer science and interaction technology and is striving to become an entrepreneurial engineer, who is socially engaged and inspired by technology and can collaborate across disciplines: uniquely contributing to a creative and innovative process.

Besides ATLAS, Suhaib focuses on being a change agent for education. In his projects, he works alongside entrepreneurs, within startups and in teams that design social-impact products. Suhaib takes active interest in sociotechnical engineering, innovation studies, entrepreneurship and business design. He is part of the University of Twente's Dutch Student Investment Fund and has worked on improving how startups sharpen their funding strategies, through his contribution to the Startup Funding Canvas project. He also has a diverse, international background and loves to integrate cultural insights. He has also completed a service design and innovation internship at the first Innovation and Design agency in Saudi Arabia, and loves to adopt a strategic design perspective on complex problems.

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